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Port of the Future

North Sea Port

Vlissingen, Netherlands & Gent, Belgium
North Sea Port, the unified ports of Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent, spares no effort to realise its ambitions. With its strategic plan the port authority has set the stage for a future-proof port where the environment, economic development and people’s well-being go hand in hand. To this end, North Sea Port focuses on three core activities: developing infrastructure and industrial sites, providing nautical services and connecting different players and stakeholders.
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Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam is working extremely hard to prepare for the energy transition by implementing strategies and partnerships that will boost production, transportation and access to future fuels. They are playing a major role in the energy transition the industry is facing. Combined with plans for sustainable development, by 2030 they will be one of Europe's top sustainable ports. Economically strong and stable, with a good market position and with a great deal of attention to the environment, their immediate surroundings and society.
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Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a forward-thinking port which aims to secure the future of a greener climate. Through initiatives that have a central focus on reducing emissions and aiding the future to become greener, the port is an example for other ports to thinking more centrally and specifically about the climate.
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Port of Sines


The Port of Sines is working hard to prepare for the energy transition, introducing new energy initiatives and producing sustainable future fuels in Europe. The Portuguese government has placed Port of Sines at the heart of its green strategy and a consortium has announced plans to construct a €1 billion industrial-scale facility for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia at the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (ZILS) in Portugal. The hydrogen produced at MadoquaPower2X will be used by local industry as well as being processed into green ammonia for export from the port terminal.

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Port of Tampa Bay

1101 Channelside Drive, Tampa, FL 33602
Port of Tampa Bay is a forward-thinking port which has a major economic impact on the region in Florida. As a busy cruise, cargo and storage port they are proud to be recognised as a leader in the maritime industry. Port Tampa Bay deals with 33 million tons of cargo a year, in a huge and expanding market. The port manages a diverse range of bulk, breakbulk and containers and has established over $17 billion in economic impact, supporting more than 85,000 jobs in Central Florida. They have a vast range of initiatives to do with the local community and the environment, which positions them as an example to other ports around the world.
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Port of Tarragona

Tarragona, Spain
Port Tarragona is in an excellent position to become an energy transition hub. The port position as a hub has been made stronger with the increase of transhipment operations over the last year with increased investments and storage capacity. Port Tarragona can become a benchmark bunkering port with a special focus on the energy transition and being environmentally forward thinking.
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Safety Excellence

GPS Chemoil (Part of HG Storage International Ltd.)

GPS Chemoil terminal offered a world-class response when dealing with a once-in-a-generation weather phenomenon, which resulted flooding across the site. Best practice leadership and response planning putting care of people at the heart of the dynamic site response leading to no harm to people, no injuries and efficient return to safe reliable operations.
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Indian Oiltanking Limited

City -Raipur; State -Chhattisgarh; Country -India
Terminal has a proven record of its safety culture ensuring incident free 2.7 million man-hrs since inception in 2015. It has been achieved by sustained efforts and implementing world class safety management systems with behaviour & motivation at its core. Safety culture along with process safety are prime focus areas and same is ensured by participation across all levels. Activities like short safety talk, job safety analysis, incident trend analysis, learning from incidents, rigorous trainings, HAZOP, QRA, Safety Integrity Level (SIL), HIRA, JSA, Hazardous Area classification, Pre-Start-up Safety Review (PSSR), timely inspections, lux level study, HIRA, cross-functional safety audit, external safety audit, regular Management Safety Walks, Management of Change, environment monitoring etc have evolved our safety culture.
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ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp

ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp established a record in the tank terminal industry in the Port of Antwerp, and a milestone for the whole Rubis Terminal group, by achieving 7 years without accidents. As staying “Always Safe” is part of our DNA, ITC Rubis promotes a positive safety culture based on daily interactions with people on the field to listen to their concerns and practical ideas. The intrinsically safe installations are combined with a positive safety mindset of everyone working at ITC Rubis, guaranteeing a safe place to work with respect for the environment and the communities living around us.
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Odfjell Terminals Korea (OTK)

Ulsan, South Korea
OTK has high environmental and safety standards as well as a strong safety culture. With no LTI for more than 7 years (between 2015 and 2022), no leaks outside of primary containment in the previous two years, and no fatalities since operations began in 2002, it has demonstrated exceptional safety record. OTK has received safety awards from regional governmental organizations for 2019 and 2022. The terminal handles safety proactively through safety improvement activities (e.g. life saving rules in 2022) in addition to the effective safety management tools and processes (such as observation rounds, last minute risk assessment, training, lessons learned).
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Odjfell Terminals, Chile

Odjfell Terminals Chile have a commitment as leaders in the storage and handling of liquid bulk products for third parties is to operate our business processes in an effective and sustainable way, protecting the Environment, continuously improving the quality of our services and ensuring Safety and Occupational Health conditions in our activities. This year we have improved our accidents rate and completing 2022 with an occupation rate of over 95%.
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Oiltanking MOGS

South Africa
In just two years, Oiltanking MOGS terminal has successfully constructed and commissioned a new pump station with associated pipelines and facilities without any reportable HSSE incidents and also successfully installed three pumps in a restricted space without any HSSE incidents noted. They place their staff and safety as a number one priority and have extremely successful in doing so.
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Terminal Innovation

Advario Stolthaven Antwerp

Advario Stolthaven Antwerp is a terminal that has dares to try new technologies and implement best practices by streamlining processes and ensuring efficient operations. They are at the forefront of terminal innovation with the tank storage industry and are encouraging practices to be implemented by those around them as well.
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AGEO Terminals

Santos - Brazil
The previous hose management process was manual in all its stages and did not have integration between them, requiring more time and effort from employees, excessive use of paper, generating rework and having several control worksheets, posing as a risk when it came to information security. The new hose management system has integrated databases with greater security and reliability, allows automatic recording and alerts of tests performed, eliminates the use of paper and records all movements. The system has a dashboard for easy location of the hoses and history of the places where they operated.
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Aquachemie Terminal

Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
AquaChemie Terminal has the unmatched Safety & Environment Protection features as well as world class EH&S Management System. Safety features include: Redundant Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Overfill Protection, Tank Gauging System with Remote Operated Shut Off Valve (ROSOV), Emergency Vents, Foam Pourers, Fixed Fire Water Deluge System. Environment protection systems include: Continuous Emission & Air Monitoring Systems, Spill collection tanks, Underground sumps for contaminated product drainage, Vapour Adsorption System for Drum Filling Machines, Groundwater Monitoring Wells State and all the storage tanks are connected to a vapour balancing lines to ensure ZERO emission. All tanks meet API 650 design standards for NFPA Class IB (pronounced as 1B) products with fixed roof and nitrogen blanketing. The terminal abides by robust operations management systems and work processes.
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BPGIC (Brooge Petroleum And Gas Investment Co.)

BPGIC has adopted and implemented a policy aiming to identify any potential for optimization to adapt to the challenges and to be able to continuously react to the dynamically changing environment. And sustain flexibility. The following innovative concepts has been implemented in BPGIC terminal and have helped in optimizing the resources consumption as well on the emission and noise pollution: 1.ONLINE VLAVE LEAK DETECTION. 2.SAMMI LINE BLIND. 3.POWER MANAGEMNT SYSTEM (PMS)
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Koole Tank Storage Botlek

Koole Tankstorage Botlek (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Inspecting sites with a drone? That sounds innovative. But if that drone can do that all by itself, that’s revolutionary. Koole Terminals has the scoop at its tank storage site in the Botlek: the first autonomously operating, industry-grade drone in the Port of Rotterdam. Primary purpose of the drone pilot is to recognize leaks of liquid products. With artificial intelligence we are training the drone under different light and weather conditions for automatically detecting a product leakage. Together with Falcker Innovations we are early adopters of a technology that is developing rapidly to make operations smarter and safer.
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ORLEN Unipetrol RPA

Kralupy nad Vltavou - CZECH Republic
Using digital technologies in daily operations on terminals and tank farms is key for growing of efficiency, optimisation and upgrade of safety standards on fuel terminals. Second and very important effect is higher efficiency during training of field operators and validation of their knowledge and competencies. Industrial tablets is one from many tools which significantly improve our skills and project planning in daily routine on terminals. Fast and accurate information from industrial tablet is very important during extraordinary events and on site failures and significantly improve our abilities to overcome this hazards with minimal impacts in to the environment, asset and lives of operators. At last - process safety prevention, reduction of safety hazards and continual improvement of operators skills, that all make work more attractive for the young generation of engineers, technicians and operators in our industry. Supplying a new, skilled and motivated generation of workers with modern tools is key for rapidly changed future and challenges before us.
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Petrolina Vassilikos Terminal

Cyprus / Vassilikos

Initially constructed in the 70s, the Petrolina Vassilikos Terminal has gone through various phases of expansion with a complete refurbishment in 2019 and re-commencement of operations on 01/01/2020. The 2019 refurbishment has made the Terminal the most technologically advanced in Cyprus with unique features and a no-compromises approach in the services provided to its clients. Stand-out features of the Terminal are the integration of Access Control, Order Placement/TMS, the Truck Loading Addititivation System and the Truck Loading HVO/FAME Blending Systems.

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Rubis Terminal TEPSA Bilbao has a fully automated, multi-operation, multi-transport process starting even before the entry of the truck, vessel, and train for all its operations. Either for loading or unloading petroleum, chemical, biofuel or biofeedstocks products, our internal and automated system acts constantly to assure our clients our quality standard while maintaining a high level of safety. All data involved are in a paperless, smooth and cyber secure way. As flexibility is part of our DNA, we contribute thanks to our innovative system to build sustainable storage solutions for everyday life.
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TanQuid Duisburg Terminal

The TanQuid Duisburg terminal has dared to try new technologies alongside Implico and implemented the best, digitalised practices to ensure efficient operations and the best customer service as well as streamlining process and leading the industry into a new technological age. TanQuid and Implico have recently completed a visionary digitalisation project. After intensive planning and implementation work, all processes at the Duisburg, Germany, tank terminal now run with the future-ready terminal management system.
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Vesta Terminal

Vesta Terminals are focused on supplying future fuels to Europe, while digitalising their terminal for a streamlined and efficient process. The digitalisation of ISGOTT processes has reduced time and labour spent on excessive paperwork, providing operational efficiency and allowing workers to focus more on safety.
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Terminal of the Future

ACE Terminal Rotterdam

ACE Terminal Rotterdam is at the forefront of providing Europe with green energy and will play an important role in the energy transition. The future demand for green hydrogen carriers in northwest Europe is much greater than can be produced locally from sustainable sources. Gasunie, HES International and Vopak are combining forces and knowledge in the Port of Rotterdam to develop a terminal for the import of ammonia as a green hydrogen carrier. The partners are using the existing Gasunie pipeline infrastructure at the port, combined with Vopak’s tank storage expertise and HES International’s terminal experience.
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Advario B.V.

Advario launched as a new company focused on growth in petrochemicals, gasses, and new energies, and taking a frontrunner role in the energy transition. It boldly defined a strategy for the future, backed by a corporate restructuring and a massive global rebranding. Advario aspires to be the preferred partner for progress in the energy transition. It is committed to building better business for our customers and partners, our employees, our shareholders, and society. And believes that the only way this can be achieved, is through transformational partnerships with new and existing customers.

Antwerp, Belgium
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Euro Tank Terminal, Rotterdam

ETT is an ultra-modern terminal, perfectly located in the Port of Rotterdam. The deep water harbour means it’s capable of berthing VLCCs. ETT specializes in fuel oil and middle distillates, offering more than 1,400,000 m3 capacity. The 42 tanks handle K1, K2 and K3 products including ethanol, methanol, gasoil and jet fuel. The location provides a smooth connection by truck, rail and Europe’s 12,000 km pipeline system.
Port of Rotterdam
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Exolum I. Torrejón

One of the most comprehensive bulk liquid storage terminals, Exolum Torrejon applies a very high level of automation, while assuring customers of the security and safety of its processes. 

Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)
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One of Poliport’s driving principles is ensuring that operations are as sustainable as possible. Its parent company, Polisan, has reduced its carbon emissions by 53%, switching to 50% wind energy. Any new projects consider energy efficiency opportunities, and the terminal strives to optimise operations by examining product characteristics, line changes, and tank capacities. Poliport’s AION Terminal Automation Project is focused on technological sustainability, innovation and efficiency. The port automation system allows planning for business processes, operations including labour, operating machinery, and vessel movements, as well as customer management, to take place in the digital environment.
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Stanlow Terminals

The energy industry is changing. As the world comes together to develop innovative ways of generating sustainable energy the supporting storage and transportation infrastructure needs to evolve. Stanlow Terminals are primed to lead the national charge in the development of changing energy infrastructure and create the UK’s first sustainable energy hub. Utilising their strong geographical position, and experience in the energy sector, they are providing delivery solutions based on the ability to safely handle energy products to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s society
Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK
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Stolthaven Santos

Stolthaven Santos is located in the Port of Santos, the largest port in Brazil. The terminal functions both as a break-bulk facility for domestic distribution and as a regional distribution hub. It has immediate access to the Anchieta and Imigrantes highways to facilitate onward transport within Brazil and beyond. In 2021, Stolthaven Santos was named Brazil’s number one bulk-liquid terminal by integrated energy company and leader in biofuels, Raízen.
Port of Santos
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UM Terminals

The UM Terminals team recently demonstrated its willingness to be flexible and invest to meet the needs of a long-term customer. This is core to the company values, and UM Terminals is determined to keep innovating to meet customer requirements and provide the best possible service. Our customers tell us they like our flexible, can-do, customer-centric approach to meeting today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges and opportunities.
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Excellence through diversity


Everyone at Emerson has an opportunity to find or start a resource group with others that share common interests on a global or local level. People have engaged in initiatives like Mosaic, LGBTQ and Allies, Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance, Somos, Black Employee Alliance, Women Impact Network and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The purpose of these Resources groups is to create space for everyone to feel included. They have improved on challenges such as loneliness, anxiety, self-doubt, happy mood at work, mental health because open conversations are had.

For example: Emerson’s Women Impact Network (WIN) attracts, develops and retains women with in and outside of Emerson through professional development, university outreach, youth outreach networking activities by elevating their differences and encouraging them to achieve their career goals. Its uniqueness is to create an environment where you see other women do it all, become business leaders, manage teams, encourage others, so young girls in schools and other professionals can join the tech world. So far 6000 employees have associated with WIN from 36 countries being ranked among top 12 companies to work for in 2021. We not only encourage our internal employees but also became a strong proposition to attract young talent. The energy is contagious, to see people be supported and encouraged by management and other colleagues is worth celebrating.

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Pallavi Kanhere, CCO, Assai Software Services B.V.

Hiring and promoting a diverse set of people from multiple nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds.
Our CCO, Pallavi Kanhere, is a female Indian professional with a background working in Emerson and Honeywell. She knows the industry very well and is hiring a diverse commercial team. Her vision of leadership is inspiring to the team and consists of a blend of autocracy, democracy and delegation. To her, communication is key, as is walking the talk. She hired a gender-balanced and diverse team to accomplish company goals.
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Vopak WeConnect Foundation

The Vopak WeConnect Foundation has impacted the lives of 9,000 young participants from our local communities since its start. The Foundation supports Vopak and joint venture colleagues in starting projects to empower young people and connect them to the world. This way, we can engage and bring positive change to the local communities. Thanks to our colleagues' commitment, we embraced 17 projects in 2022!
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Outstanding Achievement Award

Erik Kleine, General Manager, LBC Tank Terminals

As General Manager Europe at LBC Tank Terminals, I am overall responsible for the two terminals that we operate in Antwerp and one terminal in the Botlek area in Rotterdam. At these three terminals we employ approximately 250 dedicated staff. Our strategy focuses on the safe and sustainable storage and transshipment of Chemicals and Base Oils. We have a strong growth agenda with growth projects at all LBC terminals globally. Prior to my role at LBC, I worked for Odfjell Terminal Rotterdam and for Vopak. Prior to that I have worked 18 years for BP, in Lubricants and Fuels in the Netherlands, the Middle East, Latin America and the US.
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Erik Vautrin, Terminal Manager, Alkion Terminals

Terminal Manager for the second largest terminal of the ALKION group: 80 tanks, 107 kcbm of chemical products. The Alkion Terminal in Marseille is a multi-modal storage terminal perfectly located on the Mediterranean coast, and able to supply all its Southern European based clients with a wide range of chemicals and biofuels products. Over the last few years we, at Marseille, have undertaken a very ambitious plan using best practices regarding attention to details, operation management and automation to drastically enhance the performances of the terminal with regards to safety, client satisfaction and profitability which increased significantly over the last few years. Major investments were made and are still being made to refurbish and develop the terminal in order to increase the activity, make the terminal safer and reduce the carbon footprint of our activities. All that was achieved by the incredible team of individuals I have the honor to lead as terminal manager as, together, we have the ambition to make it the best run terminal in the world.

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Gino Verhoene, Group Manager - Maaskade Belgium

Mr Verhoene achieved safe and growing success in water transport. With resilience and fortitude, he overcame obstacles and difficulties. He provided tailor-made solutions to great customer satisfaction.
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Helena Hjortberg, Manager Solutions for Rosemount Tank Gauging, Emerson

I would like to nominate HELENA HJORTSBERG manager solutions for Rosemount Tank Gauging at Emerson. I think she should be recognized, for her immense contribution in the tank business, a world dominated by men where she stays and shows up every day to deliver, prove herself worthy of chances, respect, recognition etc. She is an example to us all and continues to pave way for young women and men in this business most especially at Emerson. Emerson is on a path to blend old talent with new talent among other paths. It is a constant conversation and reminder to diversify in all kinds of ways. Helena´s team, our team, has achieved that because of the way she pays attention to details and recruitment. We are a team of nine people, four men and five women different races, ethnicities, background, and age groups. Her potential for details and building up a team should be recognized I believe. To lead is to follow, Helena leads and follows, it means that she will let you fly, celebrate you when you do a good job and also normalizes being challenged, not understanding a task, and feeling down which makes us learn and respect each other. Her leadership style is authentic and coherent

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Javier Blanco, COO, Mecanicas Bolea

I have been working with storage industry all my professional life and we have developed over 300 projects on repairs or new fuel farm projects on the storage terminals, not only in Spain but also in Ireland and UK. This is a great opportunity to raise my profile and launch my career.
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Jonathan Burns, Managing Director, MISTRAS

Jon has provided great leadership and has been instrumental in driving the business forward with NDT, ANDT Structural Health Monitoring, Acoustic Emission testing on Marine Loading Arms and Tankage, since taking over as MD in 2021. He has been with the business for over 14 years.
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Karteek Rao, Commercial Manager, Advario

'The customer is a friend, so stop selling and start helping' is a motto that I have been following for past 15+ years. Over the years, I have successfully developed and implemented commercial and customer service excellence strategies across various industries such as aviation and oil & gas.
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Nicholas Gohl, CFO, HG Storage

Nicholas was part of the team that brought together the HG Storage portfolio of assets from its roots within Glencore, into the standalone business that it is today. He leads the global finance function as well as much of the asset management responsibility across the portfolio where he works closely with the assets in developing strategies for growth and development, and dealing with the evolving markets and economies in which they operate. HG Storage operates over 3 million cbm of storage terminal capacity as well as downstream oil and gas businesses across Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Influenced by his upbringing in South Africa, Nicholas is passionate about the role that the storage industry plays in alleviating energy poverty, especially in many of the developing world countries in which HG operates. The developed world often takes for granted the access it has to on-demand energy or electricity, gas to cook with and to heat homes, and reliable supply of fuel to get around and to power industry. However, for much of the rest of the world these are luxuries and the lack of access to energy significantly hampers their ability to develop and grow. Nicholas sees the industry, and HG Storage in particular, as playing an important role in alleviating energy poverty, through development and provision of import, storage and distribution infrastructure to these economies, most of whom are reliant on refined product imports, as well as complementary non-fossil means of advancing everyday life: be it through solar installations or exploring the addition of sustainable alternatives and blend stocks into the local energy mix, and how HG might facilitate this.

Originally trained as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte in Johannesburg, he has developed into a rounded leader with an ever-expanding level of cross-functional knowledge across the business. He has an exciting future within the business and industry as it grapples with the challenges that lie ahead in remaining relevant in a changing world. He lives with his young family in London and enjoys traveling, social golf, and generally getting active outdoors.

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Nunzia Florio, Communications Director, Tank Storage Association

I currently hold the position of Communications Specialist at the Tank Storage Association, a leading trade association representing the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector in the UK. My role centres around leading and implementing ambitious communications and advocacy strategies in support of the objectives of this well-respected trade body and the wider UK sector. I also act as the interface between the Association and policymakers, and represent the sector to external audiences.

Prior to this, I also served as Communications Director for the UK Petroleum Industry Association, leading on all strategic communications activities and all issues impacting the UK’s downstream oil sector in Westminster, devolved administrations and the EU. I also served as a member and advisor to the sector’s European communications platform for national trade associations, established to develop high-profile strategies in response to EU-wide public policy issues.

Over the years, I have had the honour of successfully and creatively delivering key programmatic activities, leveraging multiple channels, to enhance the visibility of the sector with its key audiences, driving understanding through knowledge sharing. I have worked directly on a full range of issues impacting these highly-regulated sectors and developed and delivered communications strategies in support of industry.

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Patrick Kulsen, Managing Director, Insights Global

Curiosity to understand commodity industries and the ambition to grow the business are his main professional drives. His broad academic and technical education highlights this intrinsic motivation to look at subjects from all angles, to innovate and to seek intellectual challenges.
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Rising Star Award

Amy McKeown, Business Development Manager, Re-Gen Robotics

Amy started in Re-Gen Robotics in March 2021 as Business Development and Marketing Executive. In just one year she has been promoted to Business Development Manager, reflecting the huge impact she has already made within the company. Amy has been responsible for tendering contracts with Shell, Phillips66 and Valero, and in the last year she has been instrumental in bringing Valero onboard to complete their first 100% no man entry robotic tank clean, in the UK. 
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Christoffer Stoemberg, Project Engineer, St1

Christoffer promotes future biofuel compatibility in all greenfield and brownfield projects, this is important because the future may bring products that can be implemented into the existing value chain. He has an unique background from subsea project management and QA/QC, and is now supporting 12 terminals in Norway as the only engineer.
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Guy Curtis, General Manager, EWFM

Guy Curtis is an integral part of EWFM. Since he joined in late 2014, Guy has faced numerous obstacles and problems that he has always overcome. Guy joined the company with little knowledge of what to expect from the company and the industries in which we operate. Fast forward to October 2022, when Guy was appointed General Manager, and the company's turnover has tripled, thanks in large part to his dedication, hard work, and eagerness to constantly move the company forward. I believe the ideas and the innovative thinking Guy has make him a key figure for the future development of the tank storage industry.
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Hidde van der Wal, Account Manager, Kenbri Firefighting

Hidde is an experienced talent. He used to work at Verwater for years and then was completely done with the tank storage industry - but now he is back! He deserves to win this award as he managed to get back his inspiration and motivation and is ready to rock and roll in the tank storage industry
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Jelle Swanenberg, COO, Smartflow

Jelle is a seasoned professional and a visionary leader in the Energy industry, with a focus on tank storage. He is dedicated to driving the digitalization of the sector, leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. As the leader of Smartflow, he brings a wealth of expertise and passion to his role. Jelle's unwavering commitment to improving processes and maximizing efficiency at the terminal has had a significant impact on the company's growth and prosperity. He leads by example, embodying the values of hard work and dedication. His focus on digitalization, combined with his leadership, professionalism and expertise, make him a valuable asset to the company and a driving force behind its success.

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Jonathan Parker, Business Development Manager, Fort Vale

Jonathan has contributed to the safe loading of fuel from terminal to road/rail transport through the development of our API coupler and stainless steel loading arms.
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Martyn Bazem, North West Technology Lead, Exolum

Martyn is a Chartered Chemical Engineer. Previous role as Head of Engineering and Projects for the ex Government Pipeline and Storage System at Exolum Pipeline System at the age of 32. Responsible for assets on 15 COMAH Sites, and 2000km of onshore oil pipelines. Built up a team of subject matter experts and project managers and set the delivery strategy for integrity and upgrade programmes (inc pipeline integrity, tank integrity mechanical, functional safety, electrical, comms) to transform and modernise the jet fuel and ground fuels network for MoD and commercial customers supplying fuels to road loading terminals, RAF, USAF and major UK airports such as Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow.

Now at the age of 36 he is responsible for the Engineering, Projects and OT department for the Exolum Pipeline System and Exolum north west Europe Terminals (ex Interterminals) including a further 13 storage terminals in UK, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands > 1000 storage tanks and pressure vessels. In addition to traditional ground fuels and chemicals storage is supporting the energy transition by delivering projects for customers to store and distribute of sustainable fuels, produce local power for sites with photo voltaic energy parks and reduce power consumption by installing VSDs and modern pumps on high duty strategic pipeline routes.

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Marvin Lehel, Business Accelerator, Siemens

Marvin as an intrapreneur is pushing the tank storage industry forward within the Siemens organisation. He is overseeing global business development and is responsible for portfolio fit and innovation.
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Matt Wilson, Head of New Energy Markets, Navigator Terminals

Matthew graduated from Teesside University with a BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering in 2010 and is the Head of New Energy Markets for Navigator Terminals UK. Matthew is focused on addressing the demand for storage and handling of new energy carriers and emissions reduction in evolving markets, for which Navigator Terminals are geographically and technically well positioned to become a terminal of the future. Matthew joined Navigator Terminals from Johnson Matthey, where he gained more than 12 years’ experience in the oil and gas and chemicals market, most recently in the role of Global Commercial Manager for one of Johnson Matthey’s proprietary catalyst, used in the production of Hydrogen.
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Nick Kiran, Account Executive, Siemens

Nick is driving the Terminal of Future with enthusiasm, speed and dedication. He connects all stakeholders from terminal operators, service providers, machine builders up to logistic companies in order to think the industry completely new. Only together the tank terminal industry can drive the energy transition. Nick is living that every day.
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